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Journals and Magazines: Top-Tier/IEEE/ACM

  1. Multi-Scale LSTM-based Deep Learning for Very-Short-Term Photovoltaic Power Generation Forecasting in Smart City Energy Management,
    IEEE Systems Journal (Accepted). (with D. Kim, D. Kwon, L. Park, S. Cho)
  2. Multiagent DDPG-based Deep Learning for Smart Ocean Federated Learning IoT Networks,
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal (Accepted). (with D. Kwon, J. Jeon, S. Park, S. Cho), (Special Issue on Internet of Things for Smart Ocean)
  3. A Personalized Preference Learning Framework for Caching in Mobile Networks,
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing (Accepted). (with A. Malik, K.S. Kim, W.-Y. Shin)
  4. Blind Signal Classification Analysis and Impact on User Pairing and Power Allocation in Nonorthogonal Multiple Access,
    IEEE Access, 8:100916-100929, June 2020. (with M. Choi)
  5. Cooperative Management for PV/ESS-Enabled Electric-Vehicle Charging Stations: A Multiagent Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach,
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 16(5):3493-3503, May 2020. (with M. Shin, D.-H. Choi), (Special Session on Advanced Informatics for Energy Storage Systems in Electrified Vehicles and Smart Grids)
  6. Towards Characterizing Blockchain-based Cryptocurrencies for Highly-Accurate Predictions,
    IEEE Systems Journal, 14(1):321-332, March 2020. (with M. Saad, J. Choi, D. Nyang, A. Mohaisen)
    (IEEE Systems Journal Best Paper Award, Top 7 among 793 accepted papers in 2019: 0.88%)
  7. Numerical Approximation of Millimeter-Wave Frequency Sharing between Cellular Systems and Fixed Service Systems,
    IEEE/KICS Journal of Communications and Networks, 22(1):37-45, February 2020. (with S. Han, J.-W. Choi)
  8. Markov Decision Policies for Dynamic Video Delivery in Wireless Caching Networks,
    IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 18(12):5705-5718, December 2019. (with M. Choi, A. No, M. Ji)
  9. Dynamic Power Allocation and User Scheduling for Power-Efficient and Delay-Constrained Multiple Access Networks,
    IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, 18(10):4846-4858, October 2019. (with M. Choi, J. Moon)
  10. Two-Stage IoT Device Scheduling with Dynamic Programming for Energy Internet Systems,
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 6(5):8782-8791, October 2019. (with L. Park, C. Lee, A. Mohaisen, S. Cho)
  11. Blind Signal Classification for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in Vehicular Networks,
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 68(10):9722-9734, October 2019. (with M. Choi, D. Yoon)
  12. TEI-ULP: Exploiting Body Biasing to Improve the TEI-Aware Ultra-Low Power Methods,
    IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 38(9):1758-1770, September 2019. (with W. Lee, T. Kang, J.-J. Lee, K. Han, M. Pedram)
  13. Seamless Dynamic Adaptive Streaming in LTE/Wi-Fi Integrated Network under Smartphone Resource Constraints,
    IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, 18(7):1647-1660, July 2019. (with J. Koo, J. Yi, M.A. Hoque, S. Choi)
  14. Auction-Based Charging Scheduling With Deep Learning Framework for Multi-Drone Networks,
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 68(5):4235-4248, May 2019. (with M. Shin, M. Levorato), (Special Issue on Machine Learning-based Internet of Vehicle: Theory, Methodology, and Applications)
  15. New Challenges of Wireless Power Transfer and Secured Billing for Internet of Electric Vehicles,
    IEEE Communications Magazine, 57(3):118-124, March 2019. (with L. Park, S. Jeong, D.S. Lakew, S. Cho)
  16. Joint Geometric Unsupervised Learning and Truthful Auction for Local Energy Market,
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 66(2):1499-1508, February 2019. (with L Park, S. Jeong, S. Cho), (Special Session on Methods and Systems for a Smart Energy City)
  17. Internet of Things for Smart Manufacturing System: Trust Issues in Resource Allocation,
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 5(6):4418-4427, December 2018. (with S. Jeong, W. Na, S. Cho), (Special Issue on Industrial Internet-of-Things for Smart and Sensing Systems: Issues, Trends, and Applications)
  18. SGCO: Stabilized Green Crosshaul Orchestration for Dense IoT Offloading Services,
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 36(11):2538-2548, November 2018. (with N.-N. Dao, D.-N. Vu, W. Na, S. Cho), (Special Issue on Emerging Technologies in Tactile Internet and Backhaul/Fronthaul Networks)
  19. Wireless Video Caching and Dynamic Streaming Under Differentiated Quality Requirements,
    IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, 36(6):1245-1257, June 2018. (with M. Choi, J. Moon), (Special Issue on Caching for Communication Systems and Networks)
  20. Soft Memory Box: A Virtual Shared Memory Framework for Fast Deep Neural Network Training in Distributed High Performance Computing,
    IEEE Access, 6:26493-26504, May 2018. (with S. Ahn, E. Lim, S. Kang)
  21. Adaptive Detector Selection for Queue-Stable Word Error Rate Minimization in Connected Vehicle Receiver Design,
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 67(4):3635-3639, April 2018. (with M. Choi, J. Moon)
  22. Energy-Efficient Mobile Charging for Wireless Power Transfer in Internet of Things Networks,
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  23. Residential Demand Response for Renewable Energy Resources in Smart Grid Systems,
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  24. Feasibility Study of 60 GHz Millimeter-Wave Technologies for Hyperconnected Fog Computing Applications,
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 4(5):1165-1173, October 2017. (with W. Lee), (Special Issue on Fog Computing in the Internet of Things)
  25. A Software-based Monitoring Framework for Time-Space Partitioned Avionics Systems,
    IEEE Access, 5:19132-19143, September 2017. (with C. Shin, C. Lim, H. Roh, W. Lee)
  26. Energy-Efficient Stabilized Automatic Control for Multicore Baseband in Millimeter-Wave Systems,
    IEEE Access, 5:16584-16591, August 2017. (with J.-J. Lee, J.-K. Kim, W. Lee)
  27. Adaptive Resource Balancing for Serviceability Maximization in Fog Radio Access Networks,
    IEEE Access, 5:14548-14559, June 2017. (with N.-N. Dao, J. Lee, D.-N. Vu, J. Paek, S. Cho, K. Chung, C. Keum)
  28. The Useful Impact of Carrier Aggregation: A Measurement Study in South Korea for Commercial LTE-Advanced Networks,
    IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine, 12(1):55-62, March 2017. (with S. Lee, S. Hyeon, H. Roh, W. Lee)
  29. Performance of Video Streaming in Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Telematic Platforms With 60-GHz Radiation and IEEE 802.11ad Baseband,
    IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 65(12):10111-10115, December 2016. (with S.-C. Kwon, G. Choi)
  30. Numerical Simulation Study for Frequency Sharing between Micro-Cellular Systems and Fixed Service Systems in Millimeter-Wave Bands,
    IEEE Access, 4:9847-9859, December 2016. (with L. Xian, A.S. Sadri)
  31. Quality-Aware Streaming and Scheduling for Device-to-Device Video Delivery,
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 24(4):2319-2331, August 2016. (with G. Caire, A.F. Molisch)
    (Selected as one of Best Reading Papers in Device-to-Device Communications by IEEE Communications Society, Link)
  32. Energy-Efficient Dynamic Packet Downloading for Medical IoT Platforms,
    IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 11(6):1653-1659, December 2015., (Special Section on Energy Efficient Technology in Sensor Networks)
  33. Stochastic Decision Making for Adaptive Crowdsourcing in Medical Big-Data Platforms,
    IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, 45(11):1471-1476, November 2015. (with W. Lee)
  34. Fast Millimeter-Wave Beam Training with Receive Beamforming,
    IEEE/KICS Journal of Communications and Networks, 16(5):512-522, October 2014. (with A.F. Molisch)
  35. Joint Coding and Stochastic Data Transmission for Uplink Cloud Radio Access Networks,
    IEEE Communications Letters, 18(9):1619-1622, September 2014. (with S.-N. Hong)
  36. A Low-Complexity Algorithm for Neighbor Discovery in Wireless Networks,
    IEEE Communications Letters, 18(7):1119-1122, July 2014. (with S.-N. Hong)
  37. Fast and Low-Power Link Setup for IEEE 802.15.3c Multi-Gigabit/s Wireless Sensor Networks,
    IEEE Communications Letters, 18(3):455-458, March 2014. (with A. Mohaisen, J.-K. Kim)
  38. Joint Scalable Coding and Routing for 60 GHz Real-Time Live HD Video Streaming Applications,
    IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, 59(3):500-512, September 2013. (with Y. Tian, S. Mangold, A.F. Molisch)
  39. Movement-Aware Vertical Handoff of WLAN and Mobile WiMAX for Seamless Ubiquitous Access,
    IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 53(4):1268-1275, November 2007. (with W. Lee, E. Kim, I. Lee, C. Lee)
    (The 2007 Outstanding Paper Award from LG Electronics CTO Office - Digital Media Research Laboratory), (Google Scholar Citations: 100+)
  40. Coverage-Time Optimized Dynamic Clustering of Networked Sensors for Pervasive Home Networking,
    IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics, 53(2):433-441, May 2007. (with W. Lee, E. Kim, D.-W. Kim, H. Kim)
  41. Optimized Transmission Power Control of Interrogators for Collision Arbitration in UHF RFID Systems,
    IEEE Communications Letters, 11(1):22-24, January 2007. (w/ W. Lee, E. Kim, D. Kim, K. Suh)
  1. (Resubmission) Quality-Aware (with D. Kwon, et al)
  2. (Under Minor Revision) Cloud-Assisted TMC (with J. Yi, S. Kim, S. Choi)
  3. (Resubmission) Self-Configurable (with M. Shin, W. Lee)
  4. (Resubmission) Randomized (with M. Shin, K. Lee, W. Lee)
  5. (Major Revision Completed) Self-Adaptive JCN (with D. Kwon, A. Mohaisen, W. Lee)
  6. (Under Review) Dynamic JCN (with M. Choi, M. Shin)
  7. (Minor Revision Completed) Joint TWC (with M. Choi, A.F. Molisch)
  8. (Under Review) Deep TNNLS (with M. Shin, H.-C. Lee, K. Lee)
  9. (Under Review) Joint TVT (with S. Jung, J.-H. Kim)
  10. (Under Review) Lightening ISJ (with E. Boo, J. Ko)
  11. (Under Review) Stabilized ISJ (with D. Kim, S. Park, J.y. Bang, J. Koo)
  12. (Major Revision Completed) Probabilistic TWC (with M. Choi, A.F. Molisch, D.-J. Han, D. Kim, J. Moon)
  13. (Under Review) Quantum IEEE Networking Letters (with J. Choi, S. Oh)
  14. (Under Review) Self-Adaptive Access (with Y. Kang, S. Park, D. Kim, M. Choi)
  15. (Under Review) Joint ISJ (with S. Park, S. Park, M. Choi, W.-Y. Shin)
  16. (Under Review) Autonomous IOTJ (with M. Shin, S. Park, W.J. Yun, S. Jung, D. Mohaisen, J.-H. Kim)
  17. (Major Revision Completed) Intelligent ISJ (with S. Jung, J.-H. Kim)

Selected Conference Proceedings

  1. Understanding the Potential Risks of Sharing Elevation Information on Fitness Applications,
    IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), Singapore, July 2020. (with U. Meteriz, N.F. Yıldıran, D. Mohaisen)
    (Acceptance Rate: 105/584=17.98%)
  2. Randomized Adversarial Imitation Learning for Autonomous Driving,
    International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI), Macau, China, August 2019. (with M. Shin)
    (Acceptance Rate: 850/4752=17.89%)
  3. ShmCaffe: A Distributed Deep Learning Platform with Shared Memory Buffer for HPC Architecture,
    IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), Vienna, Austria, July 2018. (with S. Ahn, E. Lim, W. Choi, A. Mohaisen, S. Kang)
    (Acceptance Rate: 78/378=20.63%)
  4. REQUEST: Seamless Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP for Multi-Homed Smartphone under Resource Constraints,
    ACM International Conference on Multimedia (MM), Mountain View, California, USA, October 2017. (with J. Koo, J. Yi, M.A. Hoque, S. Choi)
    (Acceptance Rate: 189/684=27.63%)
  5. Energy-Efficient Rate-Adaptive GPS-based Positioning for Smartphones,
    ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications, and Services (MobiSys), San Francisco, California, USA, June 2010. (with J. Paek, R. Govindan)
    (Acceptance Rate: 25/126=19.84%), (Google Scholar Citations: 500+)

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